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Psychedelic & Psilocybin Integration

Scientific research is demonstrating that plant based medicines shift people out of depression and into greater comfort with their life’s future or life’s end.

As I was raised in a conservative Christian family and have taught at Christian Universities, my personal life has been characterized by *non* use of substances.

And yet, I’m aware that many medicinal substances come from nature. Every home in America has plant based medicine in their medicine cabinet – Aspirin! It’s one of the oldest remedies known to be used by humans and is taken from the White Willow Tree.

If you are currently using psychedelics, I may be a person who can engage in talk-therapy with you about your desire to understand and integrate your experiences.

In the year 2023, in the State of Oregon, I may be ready to help you or those you know seek a safe set & setting to engage in a Psilocybin assisted experience toward your existential needs.

More in Oregon in the year 2023.

You can learn more with my colleague and I as we explore and investigate the Therapeutic potential of Psychedelics at our Youtube Channel and Podcast: Therapy With Psychedelics.

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