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Belief & Religion Attentive Counseling

What you believe matters! Our beliefs impact our lives!

Most people’s religious or spiritual beliefs shift as they mature. Sometimes the shifts are seismic and disruptive.

Some people experience significant anxiety over beliefs related to death or the “end of times.” Sadly, many people are victims of religious intolerance or outright religious trauma.

My roots in religious identity are Christian. And yet, in international exposure, and in personal friendships and research as a professor & peacemaker I’ve engaged with persons of many faith traditions in tangibly significant ways.

I lived among Buddhist and Hindu persons in Thailand and Cambodia. I lived with Russian (Eastern) Orthodox persons in Ukraine and Russia. I’ve worked in Jordan, Palestine and Israel with Jews, Muslims and Christians. I’ve had faculty appointments at several Christian Universities, have co-taught courses with persons who are Baháʼí and Muslim, & I regularly engage with friends and faculty who are Latter-Day-Saints (Mormons) at Brigham Young University.

Yet more, some of my best friends in life are University Faculty in Philosophy departments and among these friends are Agnostics, Atheists, and persons who identify as Wiccans or Pagans.

Our beliefs impact our well-being and I bring an informed perspective if your belief system shapes your mental health needs.