Everyone needs help on some days.

Life is complex. No person is immune from life’s pain. Informed by science & wisdom traditions, we’ll understand your values & perspectives so that you can shift toward your best future. ALL are welcome. Together we’ll discern your genius. Counseling in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. Coaching Nationally & Internationally.


We’re alike, even as we’re different.

Like you, I’ve felt my heart race with anxiety. I’ve been stung by painful words and experienced broken relationships.

Like you, I’ve lost hours worried about a problem. I’ve grieved the loss of friends and family.

And, like you, I’ve been criticized & demeaned. I’ve been hired & fired, had great relationships and experienced the tragic ending of relationships.

I’ve learned from life, too. I’ve learned how to understand humans and life better. I am a committed life-long learner, advocating for peace and for you to understand yourself so that your life can be better.

I work for healing, care, wholeness, communication, understanding and kindness that heals the world.


My goal is to professionally work with you toward your peace & your life’s full flourishing.

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