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Addiction Counseling

Working as a Certified Addiction Informed Mental Health Counselor, I help people process their best life alert to issues of the impact of any addiction in their life.  

Counseling is a safe place to process life’s complex situations around client’s life altering impact from addictions from use of legal drugs like alcohol, nicotine, or marijuana. I also provide counsel to persons using illegal drugs in this confidential space for full care toward your best, fully integrated life. Additionally, I work with persons with addictions around gambling, pornography or other negative habits.

My clients will be empowered to better understand the impact of addictions as they work toward their best shifts in integrating wholeness.

I am able to provide talk therapy for persons who may not be able to talk about their addictions and use of substances in other contexts.  This includes integrating the impact of addictions or substances into your full discernment.

My history of experience with the legal system, with work in prison systems as a Mental Health Professional, gives me unique insight into the life-shaping impact of addictions.

I work alongside other Medical Providers who can provide access to medical prescriptions for detox, as needed.  

I help every client work toward understanding and integration of the impact of their substance use or addictions in their developing life.