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Anxious? Anxiety? & ADHD

Many adults with ADHD also struggle with anxiety that impairs their lives. And sometimes this anxiety develops as a result of ADHD symptoms.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety are separate conditions but for a lot of people, they come as a package deal. About half of adults with ADHD also have anxiety disorders.

ADHD is typically associated with symptoms such as –

A short attention span,





Sometimes anxiety comes as a result of ADHD. When that’s the case, your worries are often about how much or how little you will be able to get done. You’re anxious about or overwhelmed about your ADHD.

A person who has ADHD often misses a work deadline or forgets to study for an important exam which can become stressful. Even the fear of forgetting to do important tasks may cause them anxiety. Other symptoms of ADHD include difficulty managing the everyday demands of life such as being chronically late, forgetfulness, trouble meeting deadlines, becoming overwhelmed with finances, tuning out in conversations or acting impulsively. These behaviours could certainly bring about feelings of chronic anxiety.

Some treatments that can work for both ADHD and anxiety include-

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Relaxation techniques


Prescribed medications