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It’s good to express our emotions.

“Feelings or emotions are the universal language and are to be honoured. They are the authentic expression of who you are in your deepest place.” – Judith Wright


Women who suppressed emotions during an experimental study were found to have increased blood pressure (Butler et al., 2003).

Suppression was related to poorer relationship quality, lower social satisfaction, lower social support, more negative first impressions, and lower social well-being.

In a study of emotion regulation, those who suppressed their feelings experienced less positive and more negative emotions (Gross & John, 2003).

When you keep things inside you for a long time, it leads to the creation of a mountain of emotions that may blast anytime in a negative way than your intent. Like getting annoyed, irritated, anger outbursts or social isolation.

In a study in which participants either expressed or suppressed emotions following disgusting film, those who suppressed their feelings experienced relatively increased cardiovascular activation (Roberts, Levenson, & Gross, 2008).