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After a relationship break up, focus on . . .

Turn to Yourself

Reconnecting with yourself is a great way to grow from a breakup. This is a good time to reflect on the changes and developments you are going through. Don’t let anxiety or depression win. You can be different. Life can get better.


Learn from your experiences:

Work with a therapist or life coach to open up to some of your deepest feelings about what you’re going through and begin to understand your unhealthy relationship patterns so that you don’t repeat them again in the future.

Spend some time journaling and expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper. It’s a healthy and practical way to get your feelings out instead of letting them float in your head.

Don’t personalize the loss. It can be easy to blame yourself for arguments or misunderstandings, but the reality is that breakups are part of being in relationships. You are not broken because you are going through a breakup.

Hit the gym or go outside. A lot of the sad and angry energy that you have is fuel for the gym. Getting physically through in times of turmoil lets you turn something negative into something positive.

Indulge yourself. This is a great time to do something special for yourself. Go out for dinner or for a show or take that trip you’ve always wanted to take. have some fun.

Don’t fall into unhealthy coping habits. When we are feeling loss, in pain, and feeling lonely, it is important to find comfort. Keeping up with watching movies or indulging in rich foods or drinking alcohol may seem like a good idea. However, these short-term rest can cause long-term problems.