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Mindfulness for Communication

How can mindfulness help us communicate more effectively?


With mindfulness, the first guideline we learn is to pause; Pause is fundamental to mindfulness. When we stop, we develop the habit of noticing what is going on in our body, heart and mind.

With mindfulness, we make room to recognize our own habits of bonding, our reactivity, and choose a way of building relationships that is more beneficial to both ourselves and others. In addition, mindful awareness of our own security helps people develop a more complete and authentic sense of who they are.

People learn to recognize what values ​​are important to them, what their needs are, and how to express and fulfill them.

Once we know ourselves better, we communicate better.

Mindfulness helps with all forms of knowing ourselves and then communicating about ourselves, to decrease anxiety, to diminish depression, and to give us resilience in the face of trauma or past traumatic experiences.